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Centennial Skatepark

Centennial Skatepark

Centennial Skatepark was designed and built by Newline Skateparks and is located in Greeley Colorado. The skatepark is 25,000 square feet and offers a variety of features for both street and transition skateboarders.

The street section includes stairs with handrails, hubbas ledges, rails, banks and a quarter pipe. The transition section includes a vert bowl with pool coping and a large bowl with several hips. We consider it to be one of Colorado’s best skateparks.

Clawson Skatepark

Clawson Skatepark

The Clawson Skatepark Project is an outdoor skateboarding park located in the city of Clawson, Michigan, USA. The park is a community-led initiative that aims to provide a safe and fun space for skateboarders of all levels to practice and perform their tricks.

The skatepark features a range of obstacles, including quarter pipes, banks, rails, ledges, and pyramids, providing skaters with a diverse set of challenges and opportunities to showcase their skills. Additionally, the park features a unique bowl section, providing skaters with an authentic pool-style experience.

The surface of the park is made up of smooth concrete, providing an ideal surface for skating. The layout of the park is well-designed, with obstacles and features arranged in a way that promotes a smooth flow for skaters, allowing them to perform tricks and transitions with ease.

The Clawson Skatepark Project is open to skaters of all ages and skill levels and is free to use. The park is open daily from dawn until dusk, and visitors are expected to follow the rules and regulations posted at the entrance of the park.

Overall, the Clawson Skatepark Project is a well-loved outdoor skateboarding park that attracts skateboarders from all over the region. The park is the result of a community-driven initiative, and its success is a testament to the passion and dedication of the people who made it possible. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater, this park provides an excellent opportunity to practice and refine your skills while having fun with like-minded individuals.