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Clawson Skatepark

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The Clawson Skatepark Project is a community-driven initiative that aims to build a public skatepark in the city of Clawson, Michigan. The project was launched in response to the growing demand for a safe and accessible space for skaters and BMX riders to practice their skills and connect with other enthusiasts.

The skatepark will be designed to meet the needs of both beginner and advanced riders, featuring a variety of obstacles and features such as quarter pipes, rails, ledges, and banks. The park will also include seating areas, lighting, and landscaping to create a welcoming and vibrant space for the community to enjoy.

The Clawson Skatepark Project is being led by a group of dedicated volunteers and community leaders who have been working tirelessly to secure funding, identify potential locations, and engage with local stakeholders to build support for the project. They have received significant support from local businesses, community organizations, and individuals who recognize the benefits of investing in public recreational spaces.

The construction of the skatepark will provide a much-needed recreational amenity for Clawson residents and attract visitors from neighboring communities. It will also provide an opportunity to promote physical activity, social interaction, and skill-building among young people, while fostering a sense of community pride and engagement.

Overall, the Clawson Skatepark Project represents a positive and collaborative effort to enhance the quality of life in Clawson and promote healthy, active lifestyles for all.

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2 reviews for Clawson Skatepark

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  2. Chris Stevens

    Such a sick park! The bowl is super fun

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