Mollan Sculpture Skatepark

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Mollan Sculpture Skatepark is a unique skateboarding destination located in the heart of Malmö, Sweden. The park is named after the nearby Möllevångstorget Square and is known for its distinct art-inspired design, which includes numerous sculptures and art installations that are seamlessly integrated into the skating environment.

The park’s layout is designed to provide a challenging and dynamic skating experience for riders of all skill levels. It features a variety of street-style obstacles, including rails, ledges, stairs, and banks, as well as a bowl with multiple transitions, providing ample opportunities for carving and aerial maneuvers.

The park’s surface is made of high-quality concrete, which offers excellent grip and speed for skaters. Safety is a top priority, and the park is well-maintained, with safety equipment like helmets and pads strongly recommended.

Mollan Sculpture Skatepark is a popular destination for local skaters and visitors alike. Its unique art-inspired design makes it a popular spot for photographers and artists, as well as skateboarders. The park also hosts various events and competitions throughout the year, attracting skaters from all over Sweden and beyond.

Overall, Mollan Sculpture Skatepark is a must-visit destination for any skateboarder looking for a unique and challenging skating experience in Sweden. With its art-inspired design, diverse range of obstacles, and vibrant community atmosphere, it is a place where skaters can push their limits, hone their skills, and appreciate the intersection between art and skateboarding.

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