Junk Yard Skatepark

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Junk Yard Skatepark is a popular indoor skateboarding destination located in the city of Uppsala, Sweden. The park is owned and operated by the skateboarding and snowboarding apparel brand Junkyard and offers a range of obstacles and features that cater to skateboarders of all levels.

The skatepark features a large, open layout with a variety of obstacles, including quarter pipes, rails, stairs, ledges, and banks. The park also includes a large bowl section with a range of depths and transitions, providing an excellent opportunity for skaters to perform complex maneuvers and tricks.

The park is designed with a street-style aesthetic, emulating a city street with realistic obstacles and a range of terrain. This section is perfect for skaters looking to practice street-style tricks.

The skatepark is well-maintained and cleaned regularly, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for skaters. The park also features a pro shop, offering skateboarding equipment and apparel for sale.

Overall, Junk Yard Skatepark is an excellent destination for skateboarders in Sweden. Its range of obstacles and features, coupled with its indoor setting, make it an ideal place for skaters to practice and improve their skills year-round, regardless of the weather. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater, you will find plenty to challenge you at this indoor skatepark.

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