The frontside 360 is a trick that many skateboarders strive to master. It involves spinning your board 360 degrees while also turning your body frontside. While it may seem intimidating at first, with enough practice and determination, anyone can learn how to frontside 360 on a skateboard. In this blog post, we’ll go over the step-by-step process for performing this trick.

Step 1: Get Comfortable with Basic Skateboarding Skills

Before attempting the frontside 360, it’s important to have a solid foundation in basic skateboarding skills. This includes being comfortable riding and balancing on your board, as well as being able to ollie and turn confidently. Practicing these skills regularly will help you develop the muscle memory and confidence you need to attempt more advanced tricks like the frontside 360.

Step 2: Find a Good Spot to Practice

When practicing the frontside 360, it’s important to find a spot that is smooth and flat, with enough space to move around. You don’t want to be distracted by cracks or bumps in the pavement, or have to worry about running into any obstacles. Look for a quiet, open area where you can focus on your skating without any distractions.

Step 3: Approach the Trick

Approaching the trick is all about getting into the right mindset. Visualize yourself successfully landing the trick before attempting it. Take a deep breath, focus your mind, and commit to the trick.

Step 4: Begin the Spin

Start by riding at a comfortable speed, and then begin winding up your shoulders and hips as you approach the spot where you want to perform the trick. This will help generate the momentum you need to spin your board 360 degrees. As you approach the spot, begin to crouch down slightly and focus on the point where you want to initiate the spin.

Step 5: Pop Your Tail

Once you’ve reached the spot where you want to start your spin, pop your tail to initiate the rotation. This is the same motion you would use to ollie, but instead of jumping straight up, you’ll be using the momentum to spin your board around.

Step 6: Turn Your Body

As you pop your tail, begin turning your body frontside, in the same direction that your board is spinning. This will help you stay balanced and maintain control of your board during the trick.

Step 7: Spot Your Landing

As you complete the spin, spot your landing by looking down at your board. This will help you judge the timing and angle of your landing, and make any necessary adjustments to your body position.

Step 8: Land the Trick

As you come around to complete the 360-degree spin, aim to land with your feet over the bolts on your board, just like with an ollie. Bend your knees as you land to absorb the impact, and ride away smoothly.

Tips for Success:

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

The frontside 360 is a difficult trick that takes time and practice to master. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t land it on your first try. Keep practicing, and eventually, you’ll get it.

  1. Focus on Timing

The key to landing the frontside 360 is timing. You need to pop your tail at the right moment to generate the momentum you need to spin your board around. Focus on the timing of your pop and your body turn, and keep practicing until you get it right.

  1. Stay Balanced

Maintaining your balance is crucial for landing the frontside 360. Make sure to keep your weight centered over your board, and use your arms and body to help maintain your balance throughout the trick.

  1. Commit to the Trick

Committing to the frontside 360 is crucial for success. When you commit to a trick, you’re telling yourself that you believe you can do it. Without that confidence, you’ll likely bail out mid-trick, which can be dangerous. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and commit to the trick with confidence.

  1. Visualize the Trick

Visualization is a powerful tool for any athlete, and skateboarders are no exception. Before attempting the frontside 360, take a few moments to visualize yourself successfully landing the trick. Imagine the feeling of your board spinning beneath your feet and the satisfaction of nailing the trick. This will help build your confidence and focus your mind on the task at hand.

  1. Practice with a Friend

Practicing with a friend can be helpful, as they can offer feedback and support as you work on the trick. They can also help film you, so you can review your attempts and make adjustments to your technique.

  1. Stay Patient

Learning the frontside 360 takes time, patience, and persistence. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t land it right away. Stay patient, and keep practicing until you get it. Remember, every skater progresses at their own pace, so don’t compare yourself to others.


The frontside 360 is a challenging trick that takes time and practice to master. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, and incorporating the tips and advice offered, you can work towards mastering this trick and adding it to your skateboarding repertoire. Remember to stay patient, stay focused, and most importantly, have fun. Skating is all about expressing yourself and pushing your limits, and the frontside 360 is just one way to do that. Keep pushing yourself, and you’ll be landing this trick in no time.

Kyle Niedzwiecki
Author: Kyle Niedzwiecki


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