Get Involved with Skatedex

In essence, it means that we’ve created the framework of the website and provided a significant amount of content ourselves. However, the US is vast, and we can’t visit every skatepark to capture images or gather all the necessary information. That’s where the database is still a work in progress.

This is where you come in. If you have any photos, video edits, or additional local information about any of the skateparks in our database, we invite you to submit them to us. We’ll then update the database with your content and credit you on the site. Similarly, if you’re aware of a skatepark we’ve missed or if any of the information on the pages is incorrect, please let us know! As a token of our appreciation for your help and support, we offer awards to all contributors and special recognition for top supporters.

While we’ve built the foundation of Skatedex, its success depends on each and every one of you. By working together and sharing content about your local parks, we can make Skatedex the largest and most comprehensive online resource for US skateparks, benefiting generations of skaters to come.