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Terria Skatepark

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Tierra Briarhurst Park Skatepark is a popular outdoor skatepark located in Lincoln, Nebraska. It covers an area of approximately 11,000 square feet and features a range of obstacles and features designed for skaters of all skill levels.

The skatepark includes several quarter pipes, a large bowl with pool coping, several rails, stairs, ledges, and gaps. The park also has a unique over-vert bowl extension, providing advanced skaters with a challenge.

The skatepark is open to the public and free to use. It is a popular destination for local skaters and visitors alike, and is known for its smooth concrete surface and well-maintained features. The surrounding area also includes other recreational facilities, such as basketball courts, picnic areas, and playgrounds.

Overall, Tierra Briarhurst Park Skatepark is a great spot for skateboarders of all ages and skill levels to practice and enjoy the sport in a welcoming and friendly environment.

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3 reviews for Terria Skatepark

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  2. Jack

    I recently visited Terria Skatepark and was blown away by the quality of the park. The design is really impressive, with a great flow between the different sections. The street area has a mix of ledges, rails, and stairs, and the bowl is huge and challenging. The park has a great vibe, with skaters of all ages and backgrounds coming together to have fun and push each other. I’ll definitely be coming back to Terria Skatepark!

  3. Aiden

    Terria Skatepark is one of the best skateparks I’ve ever been to! The park is spacious, with a variety of features that cater to skaters of all levels. The bowl is especially fun to ride, with smooth transitions and a deep end that’s perfect for carving. The park is well-maintained, with no cracks or debris to worry about. Overall, Terria Skatepark is a must-visit for any skateboarder in the area.

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