Kent Lions Skatepark (The Dent)

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Kent Lions Skatepark, also known as "The Dent," is a premier skateboarding facility located in Kent, Washington. This concrete park is a favorite among skaters of all levels, offering a unique and challenging experience that sets it apart from other parks in the area.

The park covers over 10,000 square feet and features a bowl with a unique shape that resembles a giant tooth, hence the nickname "The Dent." The bowl is the highlight of the park and provides a challenging and exciting experience for advanced skaters, with a variety of depths and features that allow for endless lines and tricks.

In addition to the bowl, The Dent also features a street course with a variety of obstacles including rails, stairs, and ledges. The layout of the park is well-designed and allows for seamless transitions between features, making it easy for skaters to keep their momentum going and explore all the park has to offer.

The surface of The Dent is smooth and well-maintained, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride for all. The park also boasts several amenities including restrooms, water fountains, and plenty of seating for spectators.

Overall, Kent Lions Skatepark (The Dent) is a unique and challenging destination for skateboarders in Washington state. With its iconic bowl and well-designed street course, this park offers a one-of-a-kind skating experience that is sure to impress riders of all levels. Whether you're a local or a visitor, The Dent is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to push their skills and have a blast on their board.

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