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Established in 1997, Cowtown Skateboards has become the go-to destination for skateboard enthusiasts seeking an authentic and immersive experience in the world of skateboarding. Located in Tempe, Arizona, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality skateboards, gear, apparel, and accessories, while cultivating a thriving community of skaters, artists, and fans who share a deep-rooted passion for the sport.

At Cowtown Skateboards, you’ll find an extensive selection of decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, and griptape from leading brands such as Independent, Santa Cruz, Spitfire, Baker, and more. Our diverse range of products caters to all styles and skill levels, ensuring that both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike can find the perfect gear to elevate their skateboarding experience.

Our team consists of avid skateboarders who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sport. They are always on hand to offer expert advice, guidance, and tips on product selection, maintenance, and technique. At Cowtown Skateboards, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service, ensuring every visitor feels welcomed and supported as they explore the world of skateboarding.

In addition to our vast product offerings, Cowtown Skateboards is committed to fostering a vibrant skateboarding community through various events and initiatives. From hosting local competitions and video premieres to sponsoring and supporting up-and-coming skaters, we strive to promote the sport and give back to the community that has made us who we are.

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