Beaverton Skatepark

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Beaverton Skatepark is a popular skateboarding destination located in Beaverton, a suburban city in northwestern Oregon. The park is situated in a spacious, well-maintained area, and offers a range of exciting features for skaters of all ages and skill levels.

The park is designed with a modern and versatile layout, featuring a combination of bowls, ramps, rails, and other obstacles that cater to both street and transition skating. The concrete surfaces are well-built and well-maintained, providing a smooth and fast skating experience.

One of the park's standout features is the large, deep bowl that provides a thrilling challenge for experienced skaters. The bowl features a variety of transitions, ranging from mellow to steep, as well as pool coping for grinding and sliding.

In addition to the bowl, the park also offers a street section with rails, stairs, ledges, and gaps, as well as a smaller, shallower bowl that is ideal for beginners and intermediate skaters. The park also has benches and shaded areas for rest and observation.

Overall, Beaverton Skatepark is a must-visit destination for skateboarders in the region. With its well-designed features, smooth surfaces, and friendly atmosphere, the park offers a fun and challenging skating experience for all levels of skaters. Whether you're looking to learn new tricks, improve your skills, or simply enjoy a day of skating with friends, Beaverton Skatepark is a great place to do it.

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